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Our “cut-off time” for next day inspections is 2 pm.  Any requests left after that time will automatically be scheduled for the following business day.  No same-day inspections will be scheduled.  If you have any notes, such as access codes for uninhabited houses, please provide that information. 

There are no individually scheduled inspection appointments.  But you are able to request AM (usually 8:30 to 11:30) or PM (usually 1 to 3:30) inspections.  To the extent we can honor such a request with our staffing levels, we will. 

Please do not ask for the inspector to call in advance of his arrival at your project site.

INSPECTIONS SCHEDULED FOR: Monday, August 21, 2017
Permit #ScheduledInspectionAddress
BLD2017-0931AMFooting Drains27059 8TH AVE S, DES MOINES
INSPECTIONS SCHEDULED FOR: Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Permit #ScheduledInspectionAddress
BLD2016-079201 - 08:00 AMRoof Drains807 S 218TH ST #C, DES MOINES
BLD2016-079202 - 08:15 AMSite Drainage807 S 218TH ST #C, DES MOINES
BLD2016-1440AMSheetrock Nailing2214 S 240TH PL, DES MOINES
BLD2016-1440AMInsulation2214 S 240TH PL, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0226AMFraming1107 S 274TH PL, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0234AMRough Drain/Waste/Vent1222 S 273RD PL, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0234AMRough Hot/Cold Supply1222 S 273RD PL, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0333AMFinal Plumbing22506 MARINE VIEW DR S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0575AMFinal Plumbing23024 17TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0612AMFinal Mechanical23024 17TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0624AMFinal Electric23024 17TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0683AMPrelim Erosion/Sediment Control2232 S 240TH PL #LOT 6, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0746AMRough Mechanical22323 PACIFIC HWY S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0790AMPrelim Erosion/Sediment Control24021 22ND PL S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-1085AMFinal Mechanical1419 S 242ND ST, DES MOINES
BLD2017-1111AMPre-construction site visit require131 S 199TH ST, DES MOINES
BLD2017-1116AMRough Electrical1739 S 234TH ST, DES MOINES
BLD2017-1135AMRough Gas24836 16TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-1135AMRough Mechanical24836 16TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-1140AMRough Electrical1222 S 273RD PL, DES MOINES
BLD2017-1177AMFinal Structure and Building22635 12TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2015-0825AMRoof Drains23416 14TH AVE S, DES MOINES
INSPECTIONS SCHEDULED FOR: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Permit #ScheduledInspectionAddress
BLD2017-1195AMFinal Electric20825 6TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2016-0259SCHEDULEDRough Electrical2200 S 216TH ST, DES MOINES
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