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Morning Electrical inspections will be available Thursday and Friday, May 25-26.  After the holiday, all inspections will be available as usual.

City offices will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 29, 2017.  Inspections will not be available that day.  So, if you request an inspection by the Friday 2 p.m. deadline on May 26, your inspection will be scheduled no earlier than the following Tuesday.  If your request is received after the Friday deadline, then it will not be scheduled until the following Wednesday, May 31.  Please keep this in mind when making your plans.

Our “cut-off time” for next day inspections is 2 pm.  Any requests left after that time will automatically be scheduled for the following business day.  No same-day inspections will be scheduled.  If you have any notes, such as access codes for uninhabited houses, please provide that information. 

There are no individually scheduled inspection appointments.  But you are able to request AM (usually 8:30 to 11:30) or PM (usually 1 to 3:30) inspections.  To the extent we can honor such a request with our staffing levels, we will. 

Please do not ask for the inspector to call in advance of his arrival at your project site.

Permit #ScheduledInspectionAddress
BLD2016-0256AMRough Electrical2200 S 216TH ST, DES MOINES
BLD2016-0505AMRough Electrical22525 7TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2016-0978AMFinal Electric21010 4TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0067AMUnderfloor Framing1019 S 196TH ST, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0091AMInsulation2400 S 240TH ST #25 -FLR 6, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0539AMFinal Electric1157 S 210TH ST, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0588AMFinal Electric24119 23RD AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0588AMFinal Mechanical24119 23RD AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0646AMFinal Electric2238 S 223RD ST, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0647AMFinal Electric25816 15TH PL S, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0427PMFinal Electric22509 30TH AVE S #8, DES MOINES
BLD2017-0072PMFinal Structure and Building22509 30TH AVE S, DES MOINES
BLD2016-1507PMUnderground Plumbing815 S 216TH ST #C-1, DES MOINES
BLD2016-0790PMShearwall Nailing815 S 216TH ST #CTG 2, DES MOINES
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